Monday, September 5, 2011

Are you a Mexi-can or a Mexi-can’t?

Mmmm Mexican food…HubHub and I, along with a couple of friends went along to Cha Chi’s Mexican Cantina (Portrush Road, Glenunga) on the weekend. Out of the three Mexican restaurants in Adelaide I would say Cha Chi’s is definitely the best.
We have been the Cha Chi’s a couple times before but this trip was an interesting one with HubHub recovering from a stomach ulcer – so no spicy and no tomato! There were only two things on the menu he could eat – both were steak. So we started off with the best guacamole you will ever eat (plus yummy corn chips), then progressed to chicken burrito (for me) and steak (for HubHub). I then of course made room for dessert and went for the traditional Flan de Queso (basically a crème caramel).

4 out of 5 teaspoons

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